11th & 12th New Clubs in District 51 for Term 2014/2015

Dear all,

CONGRATULATIONS to Division A and Division C for successfully chartering the 11th and 12th Club in District 51 for the term 2014/2015.

The District would like to record a high gratitude to each and everyone who had put in many hours of effort and teamwork to ensure successful chartering of both AET Eagles Toastmasters Club and MAD Toastmasters Club.

We would also like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to Capt Khalid Jamil Hashmi for his significant contributions in chartering AET Eagles Toastmasters Club.

This is indeed great news in conjunction of Chinese New Year.

The year of GOAT will be good and let’s begin celebration with these 2 new clubs.

Club Number : 4486526
Area : A3
Meeting Days : Every Monday
Time : 5.00pm ~ 7.00pm
Contact : Division A Governor DEBRA WATTERS (017-3545820) / Area A3 Governor AGILAN RENGANATHAN (012-7611230) / CAPT KHALID JAMIL HASHMI (012-6815371 / 06-3882227)
Club Number : 4502619
Area : C5
Meeting Days : 1st Saturdays & 3rd Tuesdays
Time : 10.00am ~ 12.00pm (Saturday) and 7:30pm to 9:30pm (Tuesday)
Contact : Division C Governor TAN HOK ENG (012-3331312) / Area C5 Governor STEVEN KHAW THEAN BOON (016-4705888) / Charter President Andrew Wong (016-3438802 / 03-56115886)
Thiagarajah Nesan, DTM
Lieutenant Governor Marketing 2014/2015
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