Congratulations to District 51 for Achieving Distinguished District 2014/2015!

Dear Members of District 51,

The District is proud to announce that we are now, a Distinguished District!

It has been a tough and challenging journey but with dedicated and results focused efforts, the District has managed to charter 51 new clubs in the past term. 51 is a lucky number for us – it carries the same number as our district. 170 clubs have achieved Distinguished Club status. It was sufficient to pull us through. The total number of paid club base is 295 clubs as at last recording. And we  were short by only 1 club to be Select Distinguished!

Meanwhile, we are ranked number 12 out of 97 districts in the world ranking of districts with the highest percentage of clubs with over 20 members category.

District 51 is also proud to be one of the top eight districts in the world to have the highest net growth of clubs.

We started the term with 281 clubs with 12,822 paid members as of 1st July 2014. We needed a 3% growth in order to touch the Distinguished status. The fact that we were about 20 clubs short in April gave many Senior Officers sleepless nights! I must thank the Divisions and Areas for their perseverance, dedication and moving into action upon our last minute call. We did not lose out due to our leadership training in keeping faith, courage and focus.

However, the District lost 26 clubs. Nevertheless, we had a net growth in the District. 

The District wishes to place on record our sincere appreciation to our senior leaders, LGET Sue Ding and LGM Thiagarajah and District Officers for their hard work and committed efforts in making District 51 Distinguished. The District is indebted to you for your contributions.  Thank you!

​The District also wishes to congratulate the following Division Governors who chartered 10 new clubs and more :-

DvG A  Debra de Souza Watter, DTM for creating history – by chartering 12 New Clubs.

DvG E  SKL Walia, DTM for her record of 10 New Clubs

The 3 Superstar AGs for their excellent efforts in chartering in the most number of new clubs:

AG E3  Meera Nathan, ACS, ALB for chartering 7 New Clubs

AG A1 Genny Ong, ACS, CL for chartering 5 New Clubs

AG​ A3  Agilan Renganathan, ACB, ALB  for chartering 4 New Clubs

The District is also proud to announce the efforts of the following :-

  • Nine (9) Division Governors of Division A, B, E, G, H, M, P, Q and W who led their Divisions to President’s Distinguished Divisions
  • Seventeen (17) Area Governors of Area A1, A2, A3, B1, E3, G1, M4, P4, Q1, Q3, Q4, S3, W1, W4 and W6 who led their Areas to President’s Distinguished Areas
  • 95 Club Presidents who brought their Clubs to President’s Distinguished Clubs.

We will celebrate your achievements during the Awards Presentation night at the Semi-Annual Conference at Johor Bahru on the 7th November 2015. The District will consider it an honour to have you present on that day.

With Gratitude
Wendy Wong, DTM
District Governor 2014-2015
District 51

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